OK.. back from ghostland

I do have to apologize for be so absent in this project… it is a labor of love and, unfortunately, family and work have to come first.

I’ve been heads down for the past year working on NBA Dynasty for Playdom/Disney which was just released on facebook. As you can probably imagine, the basic underpinnings of the simulator for NBA Dynasty are the same as the simulator for EWB Baseball which, in turn, is founded on Earl Weaver Baseball.

Well, work beckons again and I’m moving on to other projects now that NBA Dynasty is out.  Among them is to update EWB Baseball for the lastest iOS and see if that makes some of the outstanding performance issues go away.

I’m also thinking that I’ll be dropping the price very significantly.

As I get back into it, I’ll be looking to see what else can be done with it in what time I have to devote.  There have been some tentative discussions with others to join together which would, at a minimum, allow the game’s graphics to be (finally) updated.

More soon I hope!



So far, so good!

Version 1.0.6 has been out for a few weeks now and there are no crash reports… looks like, with all the help from the folks here, I have nailed the worst of the bugs!

Starting to plan what’s next now!

V1.0.6 Is Live in the App Store

OK… looking forward to everyone upgrading to the new version… Let me know if there are any issues (new or old).


EWB Baseball v1.0.6 Submitted!

It’s submitted! We’ll see how long Apple takes to approve!

Thanks to the MANY of you who’ve submitted bugs, ideas, etc… Note that the Auto-Accumulate feature gets us one step closer to Season Play.

NEW FOR v1.0.6:

  • Auto-Accumulate Stats Option
  • Recover Games-in-Progress if you quit early or following a crash (saves games at every half inning)

FIXED FOR v1.0.6:

  • Lineup/bullpen crash fixed
  • Saved games fixed
  • Injured player/incomplete defense gets-you-stuck fixed
  • Blank/missing names fixed

I think I fixed it!

Whew.. thanks to some great notes from several players (especially Scott R.) I have found the nasty bug that was making the game break when you put players into the lineup.  It turns out it’s an OLD bug that, due to the memory management of the iPhone, causes a crash.

I’ll be cleaning up the bug fix and resubmitting to Apple tomorrow night.

[it’s no guarantee that this fixes all the crashing that’s been going on, but a lot of it!]

Offseason team building!

As we’re now in the offseason, I’m working on building out a team to do the next versions of EWB.  LMK if you can contribute!

NEW Stats Available

Thanks to Jay Wigley … and some old timers (especially Rick Teverbaugh who I’ve been unable to reach):

– 1980 Season
– NL Great Teams through the late 1980’s
– AL Great Teams through the late 1980’s

Browse through the Downloadable leagues section of the COMMISSIONER (Change leagues option).

EWB Baseball 1.0.5 Available!!!

Apple approved in record time (ok, it still took about a week to get these two fixes through!):

Fixes iPod Touch (1st gen) ability to download stats

Fixes “white screen” problem for upgrade/new users.

Version 1.0.5 fixes the two bugs in 1.0.4!!!

Just uploaded version 1.0.5 to Apple.


1) iPod Touch (gen 1 users) can now browse and download stats (5 sets from users to start with)

2) For users upgrading from 1.0.3 who do NOT want to lose their settings or league-in-progess stats, the white screen issue is addressed as well. If you don’t want to wait and don’t mind reseting your settings and league files, simply delete the App from your device and re-install it from iTunes.

We’ll see how long Apple takes to approve this small upgrade.


seems to be isolated onto iPod Touches and/or 1st gen devices.

i’ll be posting a fix that worked for the two devices I could personally test and, we can all hope that Apple won’t take long to post the updated app.